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Mold Fabrication

Mold department has a professional team, such as product design engineers, tooling, design/manufacturing engineers, etc., using CAD/UG software design. It has CNC, EDM, and many other testing equipment. We can provide first-class service to win the trust of customers, mold review, design and development, materials, procurement, production process, quality, trial production and delivery inspection.

Plastic Injection

Mainly produces communication products, auto parts, digital parts, computer casings, parts and so on, in order to improve work efficiency and product quality, we have configured most of the injection molding machine for the alpha manipulator and mold temperature control equipment, dryer and central baking system. Hengsheng will continue to use new technology and manufacturing processes to provide all customers with the best quality products.

Silicone & Rubber

Hensim group pays attention to the industrial strategic layout, after years of rapid development, has now layout santian precision mold, hengsheng rubber and plastic products, hengsheng leather products three industries as one industry, multi-directional solution to customer problems, to meet customer needs, to achieve the industrial strategic layout.

Soft Goods

Partners and our capabilities: soft commodity development process center internal certification testing laboratory High frequency welding, integrated forming, industrial engineering, leather professional technology, cutting & stitching Advanced product development, hot media texture material solutions.