Waiting for you

Waiting for you

Design capabilities

Led by an experienced engineering and co-design team

MP experience with Goolge, AMZ, MS, HW & XM

Design and development of ESI related products with mechanical engineering and materials background in sourcing and development

Engineering development capabilities

Unlike hard materials. Throughout the development process, both parties continue to learn about materials and processes, culminating in a workable process solution.

Communication to explain the complex manufacturing and assembly details between designer and factory Technical drawings Materials SOLUTON & BOMD

Tee-off technical review and confirmation of adaptation to design direction and commercial objectives final approval by the design team and progress by the commercial team

Final notification of mass production MP's 5M readiness review capacity to meet demand plans

Project management capabilities

We have in-house prototype facilities with soft/hard goods equipment and experienced workshop personnel. We work from the outset for

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Assembly (DFA), identifying potential problems earlier and driving better solutions from the outset

Manufacturing Capabilitie

We have a complete in-house production facility in terms of moulding, injection moulding, silicone and skin patching processes.

We have a complete production system for market demand and market standards, strict quality control, strict production processes and complete inspection equipment.

Finishing processes

1. Silkscreen


3. Ultrasonic welding

4. Hot melting

5. Assembly

Our customers

Our customers

Contact us

Contact us

  Tel:+86-0769-82930482                   Fax:+86-0769-82930483              

  Email:sales@hen-sim.com                Website:www.hensimgroup.com

  Address: no. 2,hengkeng tsai road, xiangdong village, dalingshan town, dongguan city

  • Kingsim

    Silicone business unit of hengsheng group (dongguan Kingsim rubber & plastic technology co.,LTD.)

    For more information, please visit: www.hen-sim.com

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Soft goods

Tel : +86-0769-82930482

Fax: +86-0769-82930483

Email: sales@hen-sim.com

Website: www.hensimgroup.com